About Why

Why. is a technology and data driven company that exists to help brands and organizations earn attention and spark behavior change at scale in Africa.

Who we are

We are a team of world-class communications experts, data scientists, engineers, behavioral scientists, product and marketing specialists with years of experience spurring and pushing innovation in various industries across Africa.

What we do

We use behavioral science to understand the motivations, needs and individual differences of our clients’ audiences, and apply those insights to personalize communications and persuade audiences into action

How we work

All of our work starts with the end in mind, looking to impact tangible, real-world metrics for our clients.

What we believe

At the center of our founding principles is relentless curiosity. The need to understand the reasons why people, organizations and societies act the way they do drives our every action.

Why. The Agency

The Arch Place, Nyangumi Road, Nairobi. Kenya.
[email protected]